In the world of Hollywood casting there are lists.  These lists contain names of overused actors whom the Studios, Producers and Casting Directors hope will make advertisers open-wide their pocketbooks or convince you to fork over your hard earned cash.  You recognize these actors.  They are the 1% of Hollywood.  They are…the STAR NAMES.

What happens to the 99% of actors without star names? These minions are forced to claw, lie and battle their way into the audition room.  Through sheer force of will and shots in the arm from their reps, they do whatever it takes to get an audition when not at yoga, the gym, the beach, acting class or serving a STAR NAME at a restaurant.

STAR NAMES ONLY follows one of these actor’s struggle as he risks his very identity for the opportunity to get an audition and one day, maybe, a place on those lists.